With elite coaching and consulting, I help leaders in organizations transform to the next step in leadership and success.

Pivoting into your full potential can feel overwhelming.

You need someone who will help you:

  • Rise up against conformity and develop your own roadmap for success
  • Understand your strengths as a leader and put them into action
  • Let go of the fear and worries holding you back
  • Build your confidence as you navigate change

Mary is a transformational leadership coach and consultant you need to accomplish these things, plus more. With over thirty years of executive leadership experience, Mary’s unique skill for strategy and risk management will help you Own The Leader Within™.

Your Three Steps Toward Greater Leadership

Share your dreams and challenges with Mary by scheduling a free coaching strategy session.

Explore Mary’s coaching programs for expert guidance.

During coaching, develop your own unique leadership roadmap, plus how to move forward, with Mary’s help each step of the way.

Gain momentum as a professional, or become a DE&I industry leader as a company.

Mary helps with both through:

Corporate Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

 Mary offers the following DE&I services:

  • Individual 1:1 coaching for executive leaders and managers
  • One-day inclusion coaching for teams
  • Consulting services for corporations seeking impartial review of current policies and to identify risks and recommend opportunities

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Helpful factoids on the benefits of Executive Coaching and DE&I Consulting


Career & Leadership Development

91% of leaders with a coach find the experience provides a great benefit to their careers. ¹


Increasing Diversity & Inclusion and Business Performance

When the relationship between diversity and inclusion and business performance were modeled together, and increase of 80% in all three areas were found. ²


Invest in Greatness

The cost of Executive and Leadership coaching has proven to generate more than 700% return-on-investment.³


Financial Returns

“Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians.”⁴

About Mary

Mary knows firsthand what it’s like to pivot.

Partway through her successful thirty-year career in the finance industry, Mary had a life-changing moment while standing in front of an arresting portrait. Here’s what happened… read more.


No One Quite Like Her

“In 20 plus years, I have never met anyone quite like her.”

Marcus Moses

Leader and Friend

“She promoted continual growth with me. And it really stood out to me because it made me like she wasn’t just being a leader, but also being a friend.”

Terri Hardin-Chisholm

Leadership is taking action and accountability for the impact you have on the world. Your first step can start today.

Mary H Davis Speaking.

Hire me to coach you or speak at an upcoming event.

Does your team need empowerment to lead authentically and bring more of themselves to the table at your organization? Mary is a leading voice on how to empower yourself to lead more authentically and find more passion and success in your career. Learn more about how you can bring her program to your organization’s retreat, leadership training, or event.


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